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Budō is a Japanese term that means "martial way" and refers to those whose ultimate goal is spiritual, ethical and/or moral self-improvement.

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Gummy and Edibles

At BUDO, we also have a number of gummy or edible cannabis products. These products can be chewed or swallowed. The gummy products chewed in the mouth release THC faster…

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Other Cannabis products at Budo

If you prefer something smoke free, we have the many different products that can substitute for our traditional cartridges. Our edibles are a perfect replacement for any type of smoke…

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Only The Finest Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients are used to make our concentrates.  We source the best local raw materials which give us the best final product.

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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Budo concentrates? When you want to try any type of concentrate this is what you should consider: Good Quality: Because there are many strains of marijuana, the levels…



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