At BUDO, we also have a number of gummy or edible cannabis products. These products can be chewed or swallowed. The gummy products chewed in the mouth release THC faster and the effects are seen within minutes. On the other hand, after oral ingestion, the THC takes time to produce its clinical effect, but the duration of action is longer than if you were to smoke it. In general, gummies and edible products should only be used every 4-6 hours to avoid side effects.
When you start with edibles or gummies, always use the smallest portion in the package. Start with  ¼ of the total package content and then adjust the dose based on your body’s response.
Our gummy products contain the following ingredients: Natural and artificial colors, sugar, citric acid, gelatin, and cannabis.
All gummy and edible products can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months or you may refrigerate them for up to 12 months and still retain the activity of THC.
Our gummies and edibles come in many flavors.
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